Reservations Terms of Service

Current Hours: Thursday - Saturday 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm

Reservations for parties of 4 or less are automatically confirmed. Reservations of more than 4 are pending until confirmed. If you are trying to make a reservation for today and it is no longer available on the calendar, please call the restaurant at 610-625-9222.


We recognize how important socializing while social distancing is. It is crucial during such uncertain times that we are still able to connect and spend time with people we care about while enjoying really great food and drinks. We do, however, need to be able to do these things while still being courteous and considerate to those who are and have been passionate about hospitality and are here to serve you.

As a small, family-owned business, we have one shot at doing this correctly. We have no extra people. If one of our staff becomes sick, we will have to close the restaurant.

They all understand that. We hope you do, too.

We are grateful and appreciate the fact that you are willing to comply. We hope to serve you a great meal.


Outside and inside dining.

Reservations are required as we cannot accommodate walk-ins at this time.

Reservations will be 80 minutes long. No more than 4 in a party. If you arrive early, we ask that you do not enter the patio or seat yourself, adhere to 6 ft. social distancing from other guests, and wait until a staff member greets you.

Masks/face coverings are required. They are required as you wait to be seated, while you communicate with your server if practical, if you need to use the restroom and when you depart. If any guest in your party has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, we ask that you do not make a reservation for their safety. Instead we suggest curbside pickup.

There will be a restroom available for guests. It is a unisex bathroom. The other bathroom will be for staff. You must wear your mask to enter the building and wear it until you are seated. There will be a sanitizer station for you to use as you enter and exit the building. The bathroom will be sanitized regularly.

Any time you are interacting with your server all members of your party should wear their mask if possible. Of course, if you are working on a bite of food, raising your napkin to your mouth works as well.

Tables will be placed 6 feet apart per the CDC guidelines. Please do not move our tables. If you need assistance, cue one of our staff members.

Servers will be wearing masks and gloves. They have been trained in the CDC guidelines.

We will sanitize all surfaces between reservations.

If you or anyone in your party is experiencing any symptoms related to the virus we ask that you stay home.

Thank you again so much and we look forward to reframing and adapting to this modified version of hospitality!

Reservations of 4 or less are automatically confirmed. Reservations of 5 or more are pending until confirmed. Email confirmations are sent. Please check spam/junk if you do not receive one after making a reservation.

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